About Us

About Us

Who We Are

1. PT. Dlogis Surya Pratama was established and based in Jakarta.
2. Professionals and developers teams who have experiences in best practice of supply chain management solutions in multi business companies.
3. Our business is specialize in ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Business Process Implementer and System Integrator

What We Do

1. Delivering solutions to clients by giving global consultancy from end to end business process,
     in other to have the best solutions implemented.
2. Improve, Integrate & Standarize Process.
3. Monitoring & Control Operational Process.
4. Implement ERP SAMS system.
5. Application Support

How We Do

1. Supply Chain Consultation
2. SAMS Product
    - APROVA
    - IPOS
    - ReMix
    - Business Intelligent
    - Custom application
3. 3rd Party Software License

Why We Do

1. Reduce operational mistakes with integrated and automation process by using ERP system.
2. Control & monitoring operational and companys policy.
3. Deliver valid analyze report with complete & accurate data information.
4. Enlarge companys revenue by controlling cost and optimizing operational process.

Our Application

Jl. Taman Malaka Selatan Blok E7 No.10A Pondok Kelapa, Duren Sawit Jakarta Timur, 13660
Phone1 : (021) - 87785713
Phone2 : (0813) - 087667787
Fax : (021) - 87799585
E-mail : marketing@dlogis.com